Christopher S. Nibley director of photography
Chris   has   been   a   director   of   photography   in   Los   Angeles   for   over   twenty   years. He’s   shot   over   500   television   commercials   and   worked   on   more   than   30   motion pictures   including   Race   to   Witch   Mountain,   Herbie   -   Fully   Loaded,   Fifty   First Dates,    The    Addams    Family,    LA    Story    and    television    shows:    Agents    of S.H.I.E.L.D., Heroes, Dirty Sexy Money & Outsourced.   Chris   is   a   member   of   The   Academy   of   Motion   Picture   Arts   &   Sciences,   The International   Cinematographers   Guild,   The   Visual   Effects   Society   and   The   Royal Photographic Society  
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